JFrog Connect

Manage Connected IoT
Devices at Scale

Update, control and monitor remote Linux & IoT devices, at scale, with the click of a button.

Your Linux.
Your hardware.
No lock-in.

Choose from common Linux distributions including like Yocto, Debian, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi OS, and popular hardware platforms like NVIDIA Jetson, BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi.

Register a new
device in seconds

JFrog Connect's unique design takes less than a minute to connect any type of Linux or IoT device. Need to add a thousand devices? Embed the Connect Agent to the image, and you’re ready to go.

Fleet-scale device

Comprehensive device management enables you to categorize fleet devices into logical groups and subgroups, making it easy to monitor, manage and update efficiently.

Automate device

Create custom updates to thousands of devices with a simple click and shorten deployment times from days to hours.


Gain complete visibility of your fleet devices at scale. Monitor device resources (CPU, RAM, Disk), state and applications, with automated alerts to keep devices safe, stable and address issues before they become escalations.

Remote access &

Securely troubleshoot and resolve device issues from anywhere in the world using SSH, VNC, port forwarding and remote Bash commands.

Release and deploy at DevOps speed

JFrog Connect is a vital component of the JFrog Platform, providing prebuilt integrations with JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray, helping organizations deliver updates faster, continuously and securely at every stage of the software lifecycle, from development to deployment.

Developer checks-in to source code repository

Automate the creation and deployment of new releases

Curate the software supply chain to ensure trusted releases

Update, control and monitor IoT devices at scale

Fleet devices

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A comprehensive platform for updating, managing, and monitoring edge and IoT devices at scale
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Update, Control and Manage Edge& IoT Devices at Scale