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Customer expectations relentlessly increase for more immersive game experiences available on more gaming platforms. From always online and live service games to the ever-increasing player requests for more and more content has created an extremely difficult environment for game studios. Players demand frequent and continuous releases while studio leadership often must manage distributed teams potentially working from multiple time zones. Life needs to made simpler with better tools and processes for already overburdened game developers in order to meet these challenges.



Team Globalization

Having distributed game development teams across the world, drives the need to work collaboratively with data consistency and availability across teams, crucial to maintaining agility. Adopting a platform that has the scope to support On-prem, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid is essential for operational flexibility and scalability. Having the ability to securely deliver production software to remote locations to support global deployments is now a common requirement.


Infrastructure Scalability

Customer and company growth can present a challenge for DevOps across a large game development company, and swift onboarding of new users and developers, is essential. Admins need an easy way to assign permissions and access privileges. Expanding users and developers will drive up network transactions, storage and performance requirements - so any DevOps tools need deployment flexibility and easy scalability.


Continuous Increase of Customer Engagement

Adding more value to the customer experience is the goal for all game development companies. Efficient processing of games, easy to use interfaces and delivery of millions of petabytes of consumer data available at the touch of a button or press of a key are now table stakes. Frequent updates are the new norm for modern large-scale video games


Agile Application Security and Compliance

Brand reputation and corporate governance make this a key challenge for the game development industry. With the push for faster and faster releases, teams are under pressure to speed up development without compromising security, traceability and compliance. Companies need to win the speed vs. quality paradox that exists when pushing for continuous updates and zero vulnerabilities.


Orchestration, Automation and Continuous Delivery

Automating key steps and processes not only reduces the time to market but can also help nsure any local regulatory or game decency compliance. Adopting a platform that can help you orchestrate and automate your DevOps pipeline will streamline internal processes, drive up resource utilization, improve developer productivity and shorten time-to-market.

LEADING game companies USE JFROG


To deliver on customer expectations and not fall behind competition, today's game technology companies need an end-to-end fully automated DevOps platform for distributing trusted software releases from code to production. The JFrog Platform ensures software flows quickly and free from interruption across your entire CI/CD pipeline.

Vulnerability & Compliance

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Across Your Ecosystem

Trusting that your production builds are free of any vulnerabilities is of primary importance for any game technology studio. JFrog Xray, with its native integration with Artifactory and high availability support, is the ideal security and compliance solution. Integrate built-in vulnerability scanning and license compliance as part of your pipeline.

Infrastructure Resiliency

Infrastructure Resiliency

Having a resilient infrastructure and DevOps platform is a must in the world of gaming, so you can guarantee service availability for your customers at all times. Artifactory and the JFrog Platform have capabilities and deployment options to enable you to meet these tough-to-hit KPIs and keep your services online and operational to avoid costly downtime.

CI/CD Pipeline

Orchestrate, Automate and Optimize Your CI/CD Pipeline

Truly automated CI/CD processes are essential to maximizing game software delivery efficiency and minimizing errors. JFrog Pipelines is a next-generation CI/CD automation and orchestration tool that embraces and enhances your pipeline processes by providing a centralized command and control mechanism across all your DevOps pipelines.

DevOps Platform

Unified DevOps Platform

Total digital transformation requires DevOps adoption across every organization. The game tech world demands an all-in-one solution that provides speed, security, efficiency, and high availability. The JFrog Platform brings together all JFrog products under a single user interface and a set of controls to provide developers and administrators a seamless DevOps experience.


Hybrid Multi-Site Setup

For large game studios software development has moved from the realm of highly localized teams to a collaborative endeavour of large teams at global scale. This global collaboration requires an architecture for managing software artifacts and deployable packages that is also global in scale. Artifactory is the only binary repository manager offering multi-push replication, allowing you to simultaneously replicate a local repository to multiple, geographically distant target sites. This critical capability supports geographically distributed teams sharing the same repositories and development pipelines, and enables smooth geographic failover and fast recovery in the event of a disaster. Since replication is asynchronous, the process is fast, minimizes the time during which repositories are not synchronized, and does not incur any slowdown in responsiveness.


High Availability

Playing such a central role in the CI/CD process, the JFrog services can become mission-critical components that any downtime can have severe consequences. JFrog services can be configured for high availability with a cluster of two or more active-active nodes on the same local area network (LAN). With a clustered architecture, the JFrog services maximizes your uptime and can take it to levels of up to “five nines” availability. The redundant server architecture enables non-disruptive upgrades and allows your system to accommodate larger load bursts with no compromise to performance. With horizontal server scalability, you can easily increase your capacity to meet any load requirements as the organization grows.


Enterprise Scale Solution

Most game studios have a need for managing artifact data varying from a few terabytes to petabytes. JFrog services offer a variety of options for storage, and allow complete freedom to combine different storage solutions to meet the needs of enterprises at any scale. Artifactory supports a variety of enterprise-scale storage capabilities including S3 Object Storage, Google Cloud Storage and advanced filestore sharding to provide unlimited scalability, disaster recovery, and unmatched stability and reliability.


Delivering Trust

Fearlessly update with proactive identification of open source vulnerabilities and license compliance violations.
End to End DevOps


Fully automated DevOps platform for distributing trusted software releases from code to production.

Enterprise Ready

Scales horizontally, allowing you to have a centrally managed solution that supports thousands of users and pipelines in a high-availability (HA) environment.


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