Announcing the JFrog Slack App for Artifactory and Xray Cloud

Imagine a world where every team member could directly contribute to software together. We’re living in that world now. With more than 10 million daily active users, Slack is one of the most ‘lived in’ collaboration tools used by software development teams around the world. With this in mind, JFrog is excited to announce that we’ve created an application for Slack that brings detailed visibility of everything happening around your artifacts, builds, security scans, and repository details into your favorite collaboration tool.

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Why We Built This

JFrog Artifactory has always been the leading binary repository manager for software development.  JFrog customers have experienced the benefits of interacting with Artifactory through the web interface, command-line, and/or via automation tools. But we know that the software development life cycle also includes planning and collaboration in non-coding tools as well. While developers can already build a webhook to trigger automation, people need to have visibility into DevOps processes through the communications tools they use. With our new app for Slack, users can be made aware of events in the JFrog DevOps Platform that are of interest to them and their team in real time.  

What Kinds of Notifications Can I Enable?

Build Notifications

Let’s say you want to create a specific channel for your staging or infrastructure team and that they specifically are in charge of things like build failures and promotion. With this integration, your channel can get notified anytime a new build is uploaded, promoted, or deleted.

JFrog Slack App Create New Notification

Xray Notifications

Additionally, one of the most powerful parts of this integration is that it allows your DevSecOps personnel to get immediately notified if there is a new violation in your Xray policy. Teams can get notified of security and license compliance issues as well as notifications sent to different channels. The Xray notifications in Slack can be setup to notify by component summary:

JFrog Slack App Security Violation

or by individual issue like this:

JFrog Slack App License Violation

Take Action

Lastly, there are few basic actions we’ve built into this integration that you can take within Slack that affect what’s happening in your JFrog Platform. For example, if you want to set up an ignore rule on an Xray violation, download an Artifact directly from a notification card, open a link directly into the platform, or scan an artifact to see if it has any Xray information – many of those capabilities can be now be done faster within Slack itself.

There are lots more Artifactory notifications you can trigger in Slack including:

  • Artifact Deployed
  • Artifact Copied
  • Artifact Deleted
  • Artifact Moved
  • Artifact Properties Added
  • Artifact Properties Deleted

…and more!

The Slack application for JFrog requires that you or your org have a Cloud version 7.27 or above of the JFrog DevOps Platform. Are you new to JFrog?  Start for free today.

To learn more about our Slack integration check out the JFrog documentation.

Get the Slack Integration Now


Augment Slack with Pipelines CI/CD Notifications

When you use Pipelines on the JFrog Platform, you can augment the notifications of the JFrog app for Slack with messages of your own creation, sent as notification from your CI/CD pipelines. This is a separate integration, but can provide even more comprehensive visibility into your DevOps processes. Learn how through the Pipelines Slack Integration so you can see the success or failure of any of your build steps.